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Thursday, August 03, 2017

The local Alzheimer Society is changing its name, but not its mission

The Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County has a new name! After 35 years of supporting local families living with dementia, the local non-profit organization has changed its name to “The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County” to more properly reflect the constituency it helps and the scope of its expertise.

When the organization first came into being, Alzheimer’s disease was the best known and most prevalent form of dementia. This has changed and Alzheimer’s disease is now thought to represent less than 30% of all dementias.*

“Our organization has always worked with people challenged by Lewy Body, Frontotemporal, Vascular, Parkinsonian and other dementias but this has not been reflected in our name,” says Paddy Bowen, Chief Executive Director of the newly named The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County. “We are also cognizant of the growing tide of interest in dementia as reflected by the recently announced Ontario Dementia Strategy and the National Dementia Strategy.”

The Dementia Society, founder and an active participant of the Champlain Dementia Network, will build on the work it has done with the Network on projects such as “ReThink Dementia” and engage in more public education, public awareness and advocacy. It will continue to provide education, information, referrals and support for caregivers of people with all forms of dementia.

To learn more about the name change as The Dementia Society continues its transition work, please visit or contact us at or 613-523-4004 in Ottawa or 1-888-411-2067 in Renfrew County.

* The majority of dementia cases are now thought to be “mixed” vs. Alzheimer’s disease only: i.e. 60% of dementia cases are attributed to Alzheimer’s disease. 30 – 50% of those also have other forms of dementia present. (Source:

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