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Blood Disorders - Champlain

Blood disorders are conditions related to blood coagulation (clotting) or hereditary abnormalities in blood proteins, such as hemophilia and anemia.


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These services serve all or part of Champlain
Canadian Hemophilia Society - Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Region - Hemophilia Ontario   Ottawa
Ottawa Hospital (The) - General Campus   Ottawa

These services are located outside of Champlain, but provide service to Champlain.
Canadian Hemochromatosis Society   Richmond
Hemophilia Ontario   Toronto
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada - Ontario Region   Toronto
Lymphedema Association of Ontario   Toronto
Sickle Cell Association of Ontario   Toronto
Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario   North York
Thalassemia Foundation of Canada   Vaughn

For additional resources including respite/personal care program for Seniors and Adults with Physical Disabilities, Lung Health, Stroke and Desktop Resource Guides click Here or visit Health Resources.


Lung Health

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Falls Prevention

Dementia Resources

Stroke resources Champlain LHIN